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Bloop is an action adventure game where you play as a young, subterranean-dwelling slime on a quest to discover the surface world. Slime your way through dungeons, battle bandits, and uncover a secret that threatens all of Slimedom. The fate of the cavernous realm rests on your, um...shoulders!

Inspired by Game Boy era action-adventure games, Bloop is designed to be completed in under two hours. Have fun!


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • A: Talk
  • S: Attack
  • D: Dash/Menu Select
  • Space Bar: Pause

This game is currently in development. The downloads on this page will be updated as new content becomes available.

Install instructions

If the game pauses after selecting "Let's Go!" from the opening menu, don't worry! It's only loading.


Bloop v.1.exe 2 MB

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